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We understand the importance of security and the dangers of socially engineered fraud. This is why Payment Logic goes above and beyond to ensure that your data and money are protected.

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Payment Guardian

Payment Guardian

Your payments are protected by four key security protocols above and beyond the bank regulations.

  • Vendor Checks. Payment Guardian automatically checks both the ABN and GST status for your payee. You are notified if the ABN status is no longer current as well if your payee is not currently registered for GST.
  • Disbursement Details. Guardian helps protect your business against fraud by comparing the EFT/BPAY details of your payee against what other businesses use when paying the same ABN. You are automatically notified if the details don't match, enabling you to check the details with your payee before funds are disbursed.
  • Duplicate Check. Our system automatically checks for any recent payments for the same amount and invoice number paid to the same supplier. You are notified if duplicates are found and can decide whether or not the payments should be made again.
  • Authorisation Workflow. All payments must be authorised, using a multi-factor authorisation (SMS or Google Authenticator) by a valid user linked to your account before any payments can be processed. Guardian keeps a log of all authorisations which can be reviewed for compliance purposes.

A proven platform.

Our development and compliance teams run regular vulnerability scans and use independent auditors for internal and external penetration tests and other security scans. Since our inception in 2013 we have processed over $6 billion in payments and are trusted by over 12,000 Australian businesses and individuals.

PCI compliant

We have a yearly Report on Compliance (RoC); and Attestation of Compliance (AoC), ensuring that our processes in place are up to and beyond the expected standards.

Data storage and protection

We're committed to keeping personal data safe, and we're transparent in how we collect, process and store it.

Card tokenisation

We use only industry best practices for card data security. All cards are tokenised, meaning that we don't store the full card number or CVV in our database.

Real time alerts

Every action within our portal is recorded. Email and SMS alerts are issued when amendments are made to payee details enabling you to keep on top of changes made to your account.

Multi Factor Authentication

We use two factor authentication to protect your account and transactions. This means that only verified users are able to authorise transactions and login to your account.

IP address security

IP Address Security enables you to restrict access to your account to certain IP Addresses only, for example - access to login at work but restricted from home.

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