The smarter way to pay your personal expenses.

Pay personal and household bills in seconds, using your American Express Card to earn full rewards points at the low fee of 1.25% incl. GST.

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Pay household bills with your American Express Card at only 1.25%

Payment Logic Personal enables you to pay your personal and household bills with any Australian issued American Express Card at only 1.25% incl. GST.

Start maximising rewards earned on the following bills:

  • Water
  • Rent
  • Phone and Internet
  • Energy
  • Health insurance
  • Real estate fees
  • Child care and school fees

These are just some of the bills you can pay via Payment Logic Personal.

Earn full points on every transaction.

Say hello to a world of rewards.

Earn the full reward points from your American Express Card on every transaction.

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Payment Logic x American Express

Since our inception in 2013, we have partnered with American Express to provide the very best services to our business customers and their card holders. By aggregating payments to non accepting merchants, we enable businesses to efficiently optimise cash flow and rewards points on their business expenses.

With the launch of the Payment Logic Personal App, individuals are now able to use their American Express Card to pay personal bills in seconds whilst earning the full rewards points from their American Express Card at a fixed low fee of 1.25% incl. GST.

Sounds Amazing! How does it work?

It's super easy. We are a payment aggregating platform, this means that you pay Payment Logic and we pay the biller on your behalf.

This enables you to earn the full reward points from your American Express Card on every transaction at the low flat fee of 1.25% incl. GST.


Getting Started


Sign Up

Download the Payment Logic app from the Apple or Google Store.

When creating your profile, enter your legal name.

Validate your mobile number with a six digit code.

Card security and fraud prevention are our highest priority at Payment Logic. All of your details are secure – we never share your information with any other third party.


Add a Card

To add an American Express Card to your Payment Logic Personal account, tap on "Cards" within the homepage.

Make a Payment

Select "Pay Bill" within the app homepage. Proceed to enter in your BPAY payment details. You will then arrive at a Payment Summary page, ensuring that the details are correct press "Confirm".

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